Our kitesurf courses

For the past 20 years, Bleukite Essaouira has developed with great care a successful learning method that provides easy progress for students of all levels. First BKS chooses to keep groups small. We offer kitesurfing lessons for different levels; from beginners, intermediate to advanced students. BKS takes great care in dividing all lessons into the different levels of students available. So that everyone has the opportunity to progress as much as possible and enjoy the most of it, there are four different kinds of kitesurfing lessons.

Group Lesson

Those lessons are the most popular at BKS. Great for families or groups of two to four people maximum. They are suitable for all levels especially for beginners. During the mini-group lessons you will learn all the necessary basics, from flying the kite for the first time to independent kitesurfing.


  • 2h – 60
  • 6h – 175
  • 10h – 290
  • 12h – 350
  • 2h Extra – 55

Semi-private Lesson

Semi-private lessons are a good option for friends, couples, families or just two persons wanting to take lessons together. With a maximum of two people by instructor, those lessons are suitable for beginners, and also for intermediate levels looking to get the feeling back, and be independent riders.


  • 2h – 88
  • 6h – 209
  • 10h – 330
  • 12h – 385
  • 2h Extra – 60

Private Lesson

It is a fantastic opportunity to learn faster and safer with a one-on-one instructor. You will save time and you will get full individualized attention from your instructor, so you get the best results out of your lesson. Improvement guaranteed!


  • 2h – 120
  • 6h – 320
  • 10h – 500
  • 12h – 590
  • 2h Extra – 90

Kids Kite Lesson

Kids are fast learners. At BKS we have lots of experience teaching kids, we provide a special methodology and a professional experienced instructor, allowing them to learn in safe conditions while having fun! We limit the group to two kids. Minimum weight 40kg


  • 2h – 100
  • 6h – 280
  • 10h – 450
  • 2h Extra – 80



Kite surf rental Essaouira Morocco Bleukite

At Bleukite Essaouira you can rent all kinds of new kitesurfing equipment at competitive rates. The minimum level required to be able to rent the equipment is if you can ride upwind or you are IKO certified level 3. We provide the latest Ozone kiteboarding equipment properly maintained and ready to go. All kite and board sizes are available to fully enjoy your kitesurfing rental at Essaouira.

  • 2 Hours – 33
  • 3 Hours – 44
  • 1 Day – 60
The price includes

Kite, bar, board, harness and change of kite or board size any time depending on conditions.

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