Frequent questions

Do you have any questions about your stay in Essaouira? Please check our answers to frequently asked questions, or send us a WhatsApp message for a quick response.
Yes. Please Email us at: or call us at: +212678352031. We will help you to determine which kind of lesson is the best for you.
Yes, in front of the Bleukite station there is free private parking for all.
We accept: cash, both MAD and Euros, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal
Bleukite is open every day from 09:00 to 18:30; the client can start the activities any day during the week. Once the lesson has been confirmed to our client, the participant has to be at the Bleukite location at least 15min before the beginning of his/her course.
At BKS every student fully enjoys his/her kite session with complete equipment, with the highest quality brands. We supply every student with full equipment, wetsuits, harness, safety jacket, helmet, kite, bar, board.
No, everything you need for the kitesurfing lesson is included in the price
Our students receive an official IKO kitesurfing certification card at the end of their training. On that card it will be noted the level you have accomplished. This card is valid all over the world where the schools are IKO certified or affiliated.
No experience is necessary at all. In fact, we encourage beginners! Lot of fun guaranteed
Beach towel, swimming suit and sunscreen. If you prefer to bring your own wetsuit, please do. You don’t have a wetsuit? No problem, we have all different size and thickness
No, everything you need for the surfing lesson is included in the price surfboard, leash, wetsuits, and guidance
If I booked only lessons without accommodation and the weather conditions are not good enough for kitesurfing or surfing, we will schedule another appointment the same day or the next day. In case of cancellation due to weather conditions, BKS guarantees you the refund of lessons or training that have not been completed.
A nominative early-booking has to be made through the reservation form, or by mail The customer will be noticed by email once we receive the deposit.
No, there are no extra fees or commission. The only amount you pay is the displayed price of the package.
Any cancelation due to the weather conditions, the lesson will be rescheduled (on the same day or the next days), replaced by foiling/surfing/paddleboard/kayak or other activities which BKS offers. Otherwise the customer receives a voucher for the lessons that have not been completed (voucher available 12 months from this date)
Bleukite is open every day from 8h45am to 6h30pm

Please free to contact us if you any other questions

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