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By using this site you are accepting these Terms of Use.
This terms and conditions apply to all types of kitesurfng/foiling/kayaking /surfing lessons, assistance, rental and trips organised by Bleukite Kitesurf School.
In the following, a person is called as participant, customer, student, and renter. This refers to both the male and female form of the person who concludes the contract, (parental consent for minor will be required)
BKS: Bleukite Kitesurf School

1- Conditions of participation

Participant must be in the best of health, able to dive and swim during 50 meters, and has to declare any medical conditions that may affect his/her or others safety whilst participating in kitesurfng/ surfing activities
Clients with an activity reservation have priority over clients without an activity reservation.
Clients must complete a registration form on arrival for their course. Clients must also read and sign the student waiver on arrival. Release of Liability, Waiver form of legal Rights and Assumption of Risk


A nominative early-booking has to be made through the reservation form, or by mail phone, what’s App, or by direct booking via our reception at BKS station
The booking will be effective and confirmed once BKS Received the deposit of:
30 euros per person wishing to take lesson(s) or simple rental (kitesurf/surf/kayak/sup/foil)
100 euro for persons wishing to have a package including accommodation, kite/surf lessens/rentals and airport transfer

The customer will be noticed by email once we receive the deposit.
When paid by international bank transfer/PayPal the client will have to take all corresponding bank charges on his account. If an incomplete payment is received the difference is to be paid upon arrival at Bleukite station
The balance between the deposit and the total price of the course/rental/package chosen by the client is to be paid upon arrival at Bleukite station

3- Process, Timetable, Organisation

Bleukite is open every day from 9am to 18h30; the client can start the activities any day during the week
Once the lessons has been paid and confirmed, participant has to be at Bleukite location at least 15min before the beginning of his/her course.

Lockers, storage and changing rooms, Wi-Fi, shower, wc and chilling terrace are available at Bleukite station Departure for the lesson/rental is from Bleukite station


Prices are available on the web site. Bleukite Kitesurf School has the right to change the price any time and it will be clear at the time of booking.

The equipment are including in case of booking lessons (wetsuits, helmet, safety jacket, harness with safety leash, kite, bar, board, pomp) + equipment insurance in case of damage
Group Price – Depend of the number of people (minimum 6 Persons). In case of change (number of persons, type of lessons) the normal rate will be applicable.


5-1 Cancellation By the customers:
Any cancellations or changes to the booking must be made in writing (email, what’s App, Sms…) and will only be accepted from the date and time they are received by Bleukite.

The following conditions apply to cancellations. The following cancellation fees apply:
1. up to 30 days before planned arrival free cancellation and total refund
2. from the 20th days before planned arrival 30€
3. from the 15th to the 7th day before planned arrival 50€ (kite/surf Package)
4. from 6 days before planned arrival or no-show 100€ (kite/surf Package)
5. In case of no show without any notification, or last minute cancellation ; the lessens will be charged
fully by BKS or counted down from the remaining course credit, and no refund or rescheduling
6. In case of cancellation for the next day/lesson, the participant should notify BKS before the closing of the school same day, maximum at 18h00 otherwise the full time will be counted down from the
remaining course credit, at least 2 hours.
7. In case of delay or cancellation for personal reasons and participant did not warn the school within the
time limit above (18:00), the full time will be counted down from the remaining course credit, at least 2
8. If the course is shorted by the student himself/ herself, there will be no refund at all.
9. In case of a student physical injury during the first half hour, the course will be rescheduled. It will be
refund in case of impossible delay due to flight date and repeated unsuitable weather conditions, or on medical advice (Medical certificate of non-ability to end

6-Cancellation by Bleukite Kitesurf School

BKS Manager and instructor is the only entitled to cancel or reschedule the training if he/she estimates that the weather conditions are too dangerous or unfavourable for a successful session.
1. If lessons/ rental cannot take place due to weather circumstances, BKS guarantee the reschedule the lessens (on the same day or the next days)
2. If the weather conditions are not good for practicing regarding your level, lessons will be reschedule
3. If conditions (wind, wave, tide) change during a lesson and make impossible to finish the lesson, the
school will charge you the lesson in proportion of what has been done, with the possibility for the
student to postpone the time left during another lesson when conditions are better
4. Lessons not performed due to weather conditions are postponed to another time, day for better
conditions or fully refund
5. Participants who sustained disturb a course, behave in breach of contract or deliberately endanger
themselves and others can be excluded from further participation.
6. FOR THE PACKAGES KITESURF AND SURF including accommodation, If lessons cannot take place due to

7- Equipment

weather circumstances, the lessen will be reschedule (on the same day or the next days), replaced by surfing or other activities which BKS offer, otherwise the customers receive a Voucher for the lessons/ hasn’t been finished. (Voucher available 12 months from this date)

7-1 Equipment during lessons
Bleukite equipment will be used during the lessons, unless previously agreed that the students will use his/her own equipment.

For lessons or courses from Introduction until independent level the damages made to the equipment/gears will be assumed by the school as the student is a beginner still learning, except if the student did not respect the safety instructions and he/she damage the equipment or lost In this case, the school and the student will split the price of the repair or lost (50% for the school and 50% for the student)

7-2 Equipment rental without lesson
Kiteboarding gear rentals are submitted to terms and instructions. It will stop automatically if not respected:
• Completing the registration form
• Finishing the payment
• Respecting the safety area to start and land your kite
• Respecting the swimming zone
• Respecting the kite zone
• Make sure you do not disturb the Kite lessons –the Kite boarding lessons area.
• If any damaged or lost during the rentals, the equipment will be repaired or replaced. The customer will be charged with its cost (Ask the manager for the fees, taxes and charges).
Bleukite team is maintaining a regular inspection for equipment safety and full operational of all equipment, in case of rental the customer obliged to check equipment before use. Before any rental of the equipment, Bleukite instructors will make a quick check before going to the water!
The kiteboarding gear rentals begin with the delivery of the equipment. It always ends with adequate placement of the whole equipment back to the staff.

Rental fees do not include material insurance. You may, however, need to ask about the cost of material insurance. Insurance on a daily basis is available. In case of negligent destruction or loss of material, the customer is required to make up for the damage. (Ask the manager for the insurance, fees, taxes and charges).
Renter has to use all equipment in accordance with the purpose of use and with care. In case of damage or loss of equipment, The Manager of Bleukite team has to be informed immediately. The customer will be charged with its cost (Ask the manager for the fees, taxes and charges).

The renter of kitesurf equipment has to be able to stay up wind, (minimum required level to be able to rent the kite equipment) if he/she is not sufficiently skilled to handle the rental gear, Bleukite will refuse the rental and give instead instruction, Then, the regular fee of a course will be charged.
An autonomous level is required for all unsupervised rentals. In case of a necessary intervention of BKS instructor, the unsupervised rentals will automatically be turned into supervised rentals. Then, the regular fee of a course will be charged

8- Liability and Insurance

Bleukite assumes liability about the quality of service, price, safety equipment, selections of the team’s BKS is not liable for property damage or personal injury of any kind.
No liability is accepted for the loss or theft of valuables and objects. This also applies to the lockers and storage rooms.

Anyone registered for a course or kite course with BKS will be insured in CIVIL LIABILITY throughout the course, the civil liability of BKS cannot be engaged outside of training hours.
BKS recommends all customers to have the travel insurance and accident insurances which may take the participant on its own in advance, Check Worldwide Kitesurf Insurance at

The participant agree that the participation of kiteboarding or surfing activities can result in mishap and even injury, the participant releases and discharges Bleukite Kitesurf School from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action that he/she may here/after have for sports injuries, loss/damage of the equipment or third party claims however caused, even if caused in whole or part by the action, inaction or negligence, inside or outside the location of BKS

9- Personal data, photo/video

During the kitesurfng / surfing activities photos and videos can be taken by Bleukite team. By accepting this Terms and conditions, participant grants Bleukite the right to use the photos and videos of him/her for promotional/marketing purposes.

10- Copyright

All copyright to all graphics, images, logos, data, databases and html code contained in Bleukite website belongs to Bleukite owner. Reproduction, adaptation or modification of all or any part of Bleukite websites is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of Bleukite owner or in accordance with the Copyright Designs and Patents.

11- Commitment

By booking trough Bleukite web site/Facebook/instagram/what’s app/phone you are accepting these Terms of Use. The participant claims that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions of Bleukite kitesurf school Essaouira and that he/she will act according to these rules.