Surf rentals


Rental Surfing Equipment

Are you already able to ride the waves on your own? Or did you have a lesson or 2 and now want to give it try on your own? No worries… at BKS you can rent all kinds of new Surf equipment at competitive rates.
We rent Surf equipment on the condition that you must hold your own third party liability insurance.

Surf equipment rental/hire rates

Courses Rates Insurance
1 hour €6 / 66 DH €1 / 11 DH
3 hours €14 / 154 DH €2 / 22 DH
1 day €20 / 220 DH €3 / 33 DH
5 days €92 / 1012 DH €5 / 55 DH

Note: Rental insurance is not mandatory, but we do advise our clients to book the insurance. It can save a lot of money in case of damage to the rented equipment.

Rental insurance covers up to €250 to damaged equipment. Severely damaged equipment above €250 will be analysed by the repairshop and the remaining costs will be charged to the client.

Please note that the rental insurance only covers certain damages up to a certain amount. It does not cover in any case of loss or misuse of the equipment. In these cases all costs will be fully charged to the client.

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